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Traveling Tradeshow Video Walls Grab Attention

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Traveling Tradeshow Video Walls Grab Attention
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Farmers Edge Inc., a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions, attends many tradeshows across Canada and US each year. They wanted a portable AV solution that would bring some impact and wow factor to their booth in 2015, and they wanted it to be modular to accommodate different booth sizes.


Advance Pro of Winnipeg, Canada, met with the client to discuss what could be done. They quickly narrowed down their options to portable video walls.

Three Chief LVM2X2 video wall carts were used to mount 12 NEC monitors. Farmers Edge can display 1, 3 or 12 videos at one time, and the whole system can be transported from tradeshow to tradeshow. The modular design allows them to use one, two or three carts depending on the size of the booth.

One media player is used with each cart to stretch the image across four monitors. When in the same room, the players synchronize with each other to unify for one image. The system can also be run by cell phone.

Banners skirt the bottom of the carts for a clean, branded space for passersby, but most want to stop to get a good look at the booth because of the images.

When not at tradeshows, the carts are used at Farmers Edge headquarters for training purposes. The VP of Marketing at Farmers Edge, Marina Barnes, was pleased with the investment because customers immediately liked what they saw.

“I was impressed with how well it worked,” said Gil Gauthier, Certified Technology Design Specialist. “When you slide them side-by-side, it makes a really neat final effect.”


From first meeting with the client to debuting the solution at its first tradeshow, Gauthier said it took 30 days.

“They were blown away,” said Gauthier. “It was a fairly large convention. They were the only interactive wall. Their booth was just packed.”