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Tempo Hits Perfect Pitch for Rollout

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Tempo Hits Perfect Pitch for Rollout
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Installer Sets New Pace with Chief’s Tempo


A bank had 48 smart conference rooms over a five-state region in the Midwest that were due for upgrades. Radiant Technology was tasked with decommissioning the rooms and installing new collaboration tools in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Brian Mungo, Territory Sales Manager for Legrand | AV, had recently visited Radiant Technology to show Chief’s new Tempo™ Flat Panel Floor Support System, which uses the floor instead of the wall to support displays. This eliminates the need for wall inspection and remediation for time and cost savings across large rollouts.

"The goal was to upgrade 48 rooms, but there was very little time to conduct thorough site surveys," said John Magrini, Business Development Manager at Radiant Technology. “We needed a durable, reliable display mount to support the required equipment.”

As a retrofit project, most of the rooms already had existing electric and data jacks, and usually in the middle of the wall. Tempo’s design helps to cover up these plates for a clean, finished appearance, while still providing access to equipment. Magrini said it’s a “big win” when you are retrofitting a room and can reuse the electrical or data ports to save the customers money.

It also helped that the mounts assemble quickly and easily.

“The mount assemblies were simple, which decreased our installation time in each room.” Magrini said. “We were able to complete two to four rooms each day. Without the Tempo mount, our onsite time would have been less efficient.”

The component storage panel comes out of the box first for standardization of equipment off site. Magrini said he appreciated that capability.


“All told the client was very pleased,” Magrini said. He noted that the cost of the mount was initially a concern, but the reduction in installation time more than made up for the difference. Radiant is already starting to roll out the Tempo solution to other clients.

“We’re pitching the fact that the solution reduces installation time, which means we complete spaces faster,” he said. “If you change a room, you can quickly reinstall the equipment.”