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University of North Carolina Tar Heels - Dean E. Smith Student Activites Center

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University of North Carolina Tar Heels - Dean E. Smith Student Activites Center
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University of North Carolina Tar Heels - Dean E. Smith Student Activites Center


In early 2018, UNC Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham was given approval to replace the four 17.8′ x 23.6′ corner video boards, after over a decade of service. Some had concerns over losing the open feel of the arena and obstructing people’s views of the iconic rafter banners, and this led to the decision to stick with the four-corner setup rather than switch to a more common center-hung video display. Each of the four boards would measure 19′ x 100′, which at the time of installation were the largest video boards in any NCAA college basketball arena.

Previously, the Tar Heels had been sending live gameplay to 2 of the 4 boards, while the other 2 boards received current player statistics from an existing XPression channel. With the new system, the Tar Heels could integrate engaging fan content, live video and sponsorship elements on each corner. The workflow changes and upgrades to the boards meant that the single 720p output that the Tar Heels were using would no longer cut it. They were faced with the challenge of keeping operational simplicity with a small staff while increasing the complexity of the show, which led to a display control overhaul.


As long-standing Ross customers, the Go Heels Production team had been operating a Production Control Room with core Ross products for years. When it was time to choose a Display Control System for the new video boards that would painlessly integrate with their existing equipment, a Unified Venue Solution from Ross was an easy decision.

After seeing the newly released XPression Tessera solution stitching live video and graphics seamlessly at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the Go Heels team and Ross worked to design and build the new system.

The full Ross solution includes:
Carbonite Black



Carbonite Mosaic

XPression Tessera

Four channels of XPression Tessera, an XPression INcoder, and three Carbonite Black Solos were added to the existing production room equipment to allow for control of the four corner boards. An existing XPression was upgraded with a Tessera license to make it easier to continue feeding real-time rendered content to the existing 360 fascia, scorers table, TV announcer table, tunnel signage, and basket support signage. A DashBoard Custom Panel allowed the Go Heels to shift from an in-game, stat focused design, to a sponsored fan cam take over.


XPression Tessera allows the Tar Heels production staff to easily create multiple looks on their extra-wide video boards and to push dynamic content to the main displays as well as their multiple additional LED displays. With the RossTalk capabilities of custom DashBoard panels and the Carbonite Black, controlling the more than 7.6 million pixels in the arena is as easy as pushing a button.