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Jacksonville Jaguars - TIAA Bank Field (Inception Social)

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Jacksonville Jaguars - TIAA Bank Field (Inception Social)
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Jacksonville Jaguars - TIAA Bank Field (Inception Social)


With the stadium’s unparalleled technological advancements in place, including some of the world’s largest 8K cinematic video boards, the Jaguars production team was now capable of producing content at a resolution unmatched by any other venue in the world. To match this production power, the marketing team headed into the 2014 NFL season knowing that they needed to come up with a strategy to revolutionize the game-day experience for their fans while taking full advantage of the stadium’s technology upgrades.

The biggest challenge that faced the Jaguars production group was the fact that the city of Jacksonville can be a transient town with an equal mix of older season ticket members and an ever-growing emergence of millennial fans. With the fan base trending towards a younger audience, it was more important than ever for the Jaguars to immerse their fans with fantasy stats, red zone updates, and Twitter and Instagram posts. On top of this, the Jaguars also had to create an environment that would give the team a competitive home-field advantage.


To connect with their fan base through in-game videoboard activations, the Jaguars extensively researched and tested several different social media aggregators and parsers. In the end, the team landed on the Ross Inception Social Media Management tool. The decision to go with Inception was made easy when the team found out that it could be easily integrated with their existing Ross production switcher and graphics solution.

“It just made sense to utilize a few key products from the same manufacturer. By using Ross, the equipment talks to each other more easily, and more efficiently” said Carlos Caceres, Gameday Producer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“This was one of our most well-received new elements on game days. Our fans absolutely loved interacting with our new video boards and our new social media elements. We received so much positive reaction that there was always plenty of fresh content to be displayed on the boards,” continued Carlos. “Our most popular hashtag has been #JagsGameDayLive – it broke the top ten notch on Twitter on its very first application in game.”

With the introduction of Inception Social, the Jaguars are now far more equipped to engage with their fan base on game day and beyond. “From the moment our fans arrive at the stadium and begin tailgating, they can post their selfies and words of encouragement to the Jags,” explained Carlos. “Once inside the stadium, many of the fans’ eyes stay locked on the main boards hoping they will catch a glimpse of their post. I cannot begin to express enough how integral this new technology is to our modern show.”


The goal of the Jaguars team was to immerse fans with fantasy stats, red zone updates, and Twitter and Instagram posts. Inception Social, as part of the larger Ross product suite, allowed the team to integrate these features to create and maintain a competitive home-field advantage every game day.