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Pakedge Device and Software - SX-24P
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Series: SX

Model: SX-24P

Part #: SX-24P-US

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Engineered with a state-of-the-art chipset, these fully managed switches are optimized for dynamic application and excel in powerful, multimedia traffic processing. Pakedge SX-Switches have greater processing power and throughput capacity than comparable managed switches on the A/V market. This quality engineering combined with the all new user-friendly GUI means that installers can set up robust networks without all the hassle. In addition to the new GUI, the SX-Switches have two new features – the Zone Wizard with drag and drop functionality simplifies Zone configuration and optimizes network performance while the Pakedge Zone templates reduce set-up time while minimizing configuration errors. The SX-Switches will be ideal for smart installers who want to manage robust AV network traffic more effectively.
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