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Model: NEOCAST® Edge Server

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The NEOCAST® Edge Server was designed to address specific concerns of large scale network operators: optimized bandwidth usage and WAN/VPN security.

NEOCAST® Edge Servers are typically installed by clients seeking to maximize their network assets. When installed, the NEOCAST® Edge Servers request and receive content from the NEOCAST® Media Server. In turn, all NEOCAST® Media Players then request content directly from the NEOCAST® Edge Server.

NEOCAST® Edge Servers improve the overall cost-efficiency of the NEOCAST® solution by limiting the amount of network usage that occurs across the Internet, and can be installed centrally or at each location. The results are increased security and decreased bandwidth usage.

The NEOCAST® Edge Server software is deployed on retail-hardened IBM hardware, ensuring long life, reliability and cost effectiveness.
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