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NEOCAST® Media Server software from Real Digital Media is raising the bar for dynamic digital signage network management.

Centrally managed and web-based, the NEOCAST® Media Server is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to power large scale digital signage networks. The software incorporates the key constructs of campaigns, markets, schedules and collaboration to enable the efficient distribution of content across networks down to individual media players. This flexibility creates the optimal environment for any marketing or advertising professional seeking to communicate targeted messages that reach customers at the right place, at the right time.

With NEOCAST® Media Server software, your digital content can be served across entire networks, all the way down to individual units and displays. This provides the ultimate flexibility when delivering tailored content and messaging to your target audience.

Precise Control and Flexibility

NEOCAST® Media Server software controls the digital elements used in visual marketing campaigns, generates and schedules playlists, and delivers targeted messaging to NEOCAST® Media Players using standard Internet protocols. Both media and players can be grouped to take advantage of user defined market and network characteristics, enabling the precise and efficient delivery of advertising and promotional campaigns.
NEOCAST® Media Server software also supports sidebar and ticker features, providing users the option to define and position designated areas of a display screen to showcase additional marketing messages along with the latest news, sports, business and entertainment headlines.
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